Commercial Office

From large showcase developments to refurbishments, the requirements for office interiors has changed. The office environment now plays an important role in staff motivation and efficiency. The function and aesthetic look of the interior finish plays an integral part in presenting a corporate identity and providing a comfortable work environment.

Modern office design requires flexibility ensuring there is the correct balance of acoustic absorption and attenuation, reducing background noise to increase concentration whilst enabling conversation. Privacy is also an important acoustic demand in offices. For more information please click Acoustics.

The operation of buildings in the UK accounts for over 50% of the total UK CO2 emissions. The use of energy efficient SAS Room Comfort products, such as Chilled Ceilings and Beams, has contributed to the highest performance ratings.

An occupant’s use of commercial buildings is rarely static. Companies grow and contract in size and employ increasingly sophisticated communication and IT systems. Such changes place different demands on the interior finishes in a working environment.

Designing ceiling integration with lighting, technology, heating and cooling, sprinklers, data cabling, fire alarms, speakers, signage and partitioning is imperative. The removal and refitting of partitioning often leaves unsightly holes, marks and other damage to the ceiling. However, if integrated with the ceiling during design stage, these adjustment concerns are eradicated.

Maintenance and changes in buildings have to be made quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, accommodating the dynamic needs of its occupants. Virtually any metal ceiling component can be identified, ordered, replaced and installed from a single tile to an entire system. This service facility is becoming an important client consideration as the UK market adapts to shorter leases and the exercise of lease break clauses due to ever changing space requirements.

Regular access through the ceiling for service maintenance can result in soiling or damage to individual tiles. Metal suspended ceilings are renowned for their durability and ease of maintenance.

SAS International are members of the British Council of Offices. The BCO “GUIDE TO SPECFICATION” highlights all the key specification considerations.