The leisure industry is a competitive sector, with different types of activities on offer. However, much like the retail companies operating in this sector; they have to ensure their buildings are designed to reflect the nature of their business and brand identity, whilst ensuring they also are comfortable and relaxing spaces where people want to spend time.

The corporate brand identity of leisure businesses such as casinos, gyms or hotel chains can be enhanced by SAS products with a comprehensive range of RAL colours. This ensures that building occupants (whether they be customers or staff) appreciate a high standard of interior finish and brand recognition resulting in a comfortable environment throughout the building.

Leisure centres, libraries and museums are all buildings that have acoustic demands, be it offices, open plan libraries or study rooms. Metal ceilings offer equally good acoustic control through the use of perforations and/or the inclusion of acoustic pads.

Durability is important as many buildings are open and used constantly. Metal is one of the most durable raw materials used in the construction industry with excellent whole life cycle costs, it holds a residual value at the end of it use. As the demand on these types of buildings is constant, it is important that the products specified do not need ongoing maintenance.

Metal ceilings can also protect the building’s M&E services and access to such areas must be planned at design stage. The integration of heating and cooling products, lighting, technology, signage and communication/Public Address systems is also maximised with metal ceiling systems.

Aperture tiles/panels can be pre-formed in factories to ensure that time spent on site during installation is limited, cutting budgets for clients and adding value to the installation process.