Transport - Airports

Due to their size and number of users, airports have become hugely important representing modern, creative design and architecture. Many projects are ambitious and dictate a cutting edge innovative process and approach. Demanding designs and solutions can contribute to the huge impact that these extensive buildings can offer.

As the demand for air travel increases, airports create the first and last impression a traveller has of the country or city. In a competitive market the airport has become increasingly sophisticated incorporating shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and entertainment facilities that contribute to revenue and provide a more attractive environment.

The interior building elements form an integral part of this environment and are required to fulfil a wide range of functional and aesthetic requirements. SAS International has a proven track record of providing design flexibility and outstanding durability for airport projects.

Public safety and security are a major demand of any airport. Secure areas can utilise security designed ceilings which also integrate with emergency fire equipment and public address systems. In large public areas smoke extraction and signage is also a hugely important specification criteria.

Maintenance on busy working environments, that are constantly being used by many people, often needs to be infrequent and quick. When an airport building operates on a 24 hour basis, the products specified and installed have to meet rigorous performance demands.

Durable, easy to clean raw materials offer long term use meeting environmental credentials and performance criteria whilst offering reduced life cycle costs and maximum value.