Products are usually supplied with an electrostatic applied polyester powder finish, to exterior quality ISO 9227 for steel and aluminium. This is tested to satisfy a 1,000 hour salt spray performance test for aluminium and 500 hours for steel. It can be coloured, from a wide spectrum of RAL and non-RAL colours, finished with a clear lacquer, have a textured finish or coated with anti-microbial or anti-graffiti finishes.

Various timber options are also available as are laminate films and coverings. Photography, logos or bespoke designs can be incorporated in to all SAS systems.


Standard Finish

SAS systems are finished with a polyester powder coating. The standard gloss finish to the products meets the tolerance set out in BS EN 13964 and in relation to standard EN ISO 2813.

SAS International paint line processes have been accredited to ISO 14001, including an environmentally sustainable five stage chrome free pre-treatment process.

Our paint finishes are specified in accordance with ISO 9227 to achieve a 1,000 hour salt spray test for aluminium and 500 hours for steel, giving visual performance for a minimum of 30 years in normal interior conditions.


External Considerations

For exterior conditions aluminium should always be specified as the raw material. Pre-treating and painting of the rear of panel is recommended.


Colour Options

SAS systems can be supplied in over 200 RAL and non-RAL colours and are available in a number of finishes. Colours can reflect corporate brands, define retail environments and aid innovative lighting environments. All RAL colours are available in conjunction with SAS AB and SAS FT


Non-standard Finishes

Galvanised Finish

To provide a natural finish, galvanised steel and aluminium can be coated with a clear lacquer to protect products from scratching and other damage.

Fine Textured Paint Finish

SAS FT is a fine textured paint finish that offers a semi-matt/low-gloss appearance, which is visually very similar to emulsion coated plasterboard, but with the durability and functionality of a metal product. This finish negates the possibility of lighting ‘hotspots’ (indirect light sources common with up-lighting) and glare occurring.

SAS FT is ideal where high levels of natural light are used to create the feeling of open space; particularly popular in today’s user-friendly working environments. These conditions increase the chance of uncontrolled light reflection. SAS FT is available on all SAS colours and can be supplied with a 25-year guarantee.


Wood Effect Finishes

SAS International also offers a range of different wood effect finishes. These offer the aesthetic finish of a natural wood product on a lighter and more durable material. This also means that maintenance costs that are traditionally associated with wood are removed.

Anti-Microbial Paint Finish

Anti-Microbial paint finish, as part of an existing cleaning procedure, effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms. With cleaning programmes, particularly in hospitals, being reviewed and continuously developed metal is already proven to be the most effective surface to clean.

The active ingredient in Anti-Microbial coating is a proven agent that is bound into the coating during production. In demanding environments, such as laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals and schools, there is a need to inhibit the risk of contamination that could threaten the building’s occupants.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

The occurrence of graffiti can lead to considerable repair costs being incurred both in the private and public sectors. SAS AG (Anti-Graffiti) paint finish can provide the solution. It is ideal for environments where there is a high chance of graffiti damage occurring, such as in the transport sector or other public spaces.

SAS AG paint finish is supplied with a polyurethane finish which is stain resistant; it contains wipe clean properties making removal of graffiti easier.

The reinforced and durable polyurethane powder coating is based on a chemically resistant resin system that is specially designed to allow the simple and rapid removal of most forms of graffiti.

SAS AG paint finish is designed to offer a high level of scratch and abrasion resistance. It is available in a wide range of colours, in gloss and semi-gloss, and can be specified on all SAS International metalwork products. It allows aerosol paints to be easily removed from surfaces using xylene, acetone or trichloroethylene and is ideal for outdoor and indoor use on Architectural Metalwork solutions.

SAS AG can therefore provide a solution for public access buildings and areas, helping to reduce overall maintenance costs and keep surfaces looking new and attractive.