SAS Design Process

Design is pivotal. SAS are a design led manufacturer, therefore involvement at the earliest stage enables us to limit risk and maximise performance.


Concept & Design Proposal

We discuss initial ideas and develop these to meet project team demands. We combine design, manufacturing and engineering expertise with knowledge of the built environment to recommend the most cost effective and sustainable ways of integrating services and other details into the building fabric. Bringing ideas and information together, we produce a detailed design proposal and drawings for further review and agreement, ensuring best practice is enforced throughout.


Our commitment to the design and review process is demonstrated by our product mock-ups. It is often difficult to visualise complex product applications. Mock-ups that provide the opportunity to view bespoke applications are key for product understanding. Often the investment made by SAS before realising any project success is unique which ultimately represents long term value for our customer.

Performance Testing

SAS systems often have to meet demanding performance criteria, therefore we have invested in exclusive test laboratories located 30 minutes from the centre of London and Heathrow Airport.

Manufacturing Design

Design evolution is inevitable during any project. Our internal processes facilitate a clear path to amendment and agreement, resulting in the best system application for a project. Following any design, mock-up or testing stage, full manufacturing drawings are produced, agreed and signed off.

Drawings, 3D Modelling, Rapid Prototyping and BIM

Through the use of both two and three dimensional software, we are able to produce detailed design drawings to suit our client’s needs.

On complex projects we often use 3D modelling and 3D printed rapid prototyping where components can be assembled and modelled to prove form, fit and function prior to tooling and manufacture. Working with the latest versions of CAD, Inventor and 3D visualisation software our design and technical department ensures accurate and professional drawings are produced every time.

“Buildability” and Programme Reduction

The “buildability” factor is key for any installation to ensure programme objectives are met. SAS International design and manufacture some of the most impressive, modern and ambitious interiors. However, if consideration is not made for practical installation as part of the design process the project is at risk of failure. SAS International offer design value and innovation whilst significantly reducing installation programmes.