Metal Ceilings

SAS Metal Ceiling Fire Certifications

All SAS Metal Ceiling systems are tested and certified in accordance with UK, European and American standards. Our metal ceiling systems achieve the following classifications within each region:

Europe: A2-s1,d0

Tested and certified in accordance with EN 13501

USA: FSI Class A and FDI Class A

Both steel and aluminium. Tested and certified in accordance with ASTM E84

UK Fire Regulations

The Building Regulations, Approved Document B, for Fire Safety sets out minimum requirements for the performance of ceilings within buildings.


  • European Class tested to EN 13501 ("Fire behaviour, smoke production, flaming droplets or debris")

European Fire Regulations

The harmonised European class system will phase out the individual European countries classes over time. The national classifications do not automatically equate an equivalent in the European Class, unless they have been tested accordingly.


EN13964-2004, Suspended ceilings: requirements and test methods, requires that suspended ceilings pass the specific provisions of the test standards set out in EN13501.

  • The European class equivalent to Class O is B-s3, d2
  • Class 1 is equivalent to C-s3, d2

The first figure (A-F) sets out the fire behaviour of the product:

  • Class A1 products do not contribute in any stage of the fire
  • Class A2 products do not significantly contribute to the fire load and fire growth
  • Class B products have limited lateral spread of flame with sufficiently delayed and limited heat release

The second figure (s1-3) relates to the smoke behaviour, with three classifications:

  • s1 sets out more stringent criteria to ‘s2'.
  • s2 states and limits the total smoke production as well as the ratio of increase in smoke production
  • s3 classification requirement sets no limitation to the smoke production required

The third figure (d0-2) relates to the volume of flaming droplets or particles:

  • d0 classification requires that no droplets or particles occur
  • d1 sets a given time that no flaming droplets or particles can persist for
  • d2 classification requirement does not limit the performance required

Structural Protection

It must be noted that SAS do not recommend that any suspended ceiling should be relied upon to protect the structural elements of a building.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our technical department