Best practice advice

All SAS ceilings should be installed in accordance with BS EN 13964:2014 Suspended Ceilings, Requirements and Test Methods.

For further information, the FIS (Finishes and Interiors Sector) has produced a variety of best practice guides to aid installers: Best Practice Guides.

For further advice, please contact our Technical Support Team.


Working Efficiently

Installation time can be reduced on-site by utilising EMAC hangers from the ceiling soffit.

Due to the durability of metal ceiling tiles, damage occurred during transit, installation of the ceiling and the installation and commissioning of services is minimal. By installing metal systems, significant time can be saved through not having to repair or replace damaged tiles.

In addition, on-site installation time can be reduced and controlled using many different logistic options:

  • Factory formed apertures for lighting and other services.
  • Prefabrication of M&E services, reducing on-site installation time.
  • Deliveries in accordance with project requirements. Delivery pallets can be collected and reused for the next delivery.
  • For larger projects and those that roll out nationally, it is possible to arrange storage and/or call-offs for individual sites or build stages.

SAS International works and maintains contact with main and sub-contractors to ensure that all elements of the delivery requirements are met.

Please check installation advice for guidance on specific SAS Systems.