Off-site Prefabrication

The desire for increased cost efficiencies across the construction sector is a feature of most building projects. This is especially important when projects are complex with specialist bespoke products which require a range of M&E services or demand outstanding value within a strict installation programme period.

Off‑site prefabrication can be an ideal solution in providing cost and installation efficiencies across many types of projects.

It can assist with consistency of build, quality control, minimisation of risk, improvement of on‑site safety, reducing delays of other trades coming on site, improving project planning and reducing specialist labour requirements.

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide accurate planning and factory-tested solutions that help minimise on‑site installation time and wastage, and reduce labour costs and other delays in the fit-out.

Our technical teams work with our clients to ensure that the pre‑fabricated systems we provide are accurate, fully tested and fit for purpose before they arrive on site, leading to fast and efficient installation and fitting with less on‑site labour and working at height.

SAS International offers added value options by providing an off‑site prefabrication service which provides numerous benefits.

3D Prototyping

With specific bespoke detailing or components, SAS is able to produce 3D printed prototypes of samples and mocks to check integrity of design and potential buildability issues before engaging in production or on-site activities.

Computer-Aided Design

CAD systems are integrated with advanced manufacturing software to produce quality products with little waste. Most processes are fully or semi-automated, with software used to further improve material and production efficiencies.

Health & Safety

Products are manufactured under factory-controlled conditions that are safer than working conditions on‑site. This helps to limit and lower the risk of accidents, trips and falls.

M&E Services

Mechanical and Electrical Services, such as lighting and air diffusers, can be factory fitted off‑site removing the need for cutting and forming on‑site. Integrating these services in a factory environment ensures accurate fitting reducing on-site build time.

Testing & Certification

Construction products that are manufactured off‑site under factory-controlled conditions are subject to stringent quality-control regimes as they can be easily tested and certified. This ensures their compliance with tolerances and other performance criteria such as commissioning.

Increased Build Certainty / Delivery Times

SAS systems are manufactured to meet specific project lead times. This off‑site build route, in factory conditions, helps to increase build certainty and lead to a more accurate on‑site construction programme.

Improved Site Logistics / Build Delays

SAS International operates on a just-in-time basis, where product is manufactured and the finished goods despatched to meet the on‑site construction programme. Where delays to the build occur, deliveries can be rescheduled and products held ready in off‑site locations. The possibility of accidental damage or theft is also reduced when on‑site storage is reduced, as are the associated costs of storage. For example a general suspended ceiling would have the suspension grid and aperture tiles delivered, the services would be fitted and connected, then the ‘field’ tiles are delivered and installed. With pre-installed services installation time can be significantly reduced.

Installation / Wastage

SAS systems prefabricated off‑site reduce the amount of on‑site wastage. 
For example, the time to install a plasterboard bulkhead on‑site and the associated wastage from damage or fitting will add cost to a project. Compared with traditional methods and wet trades, delivering a metal bulkhead ready for installation can provide a more cost-effective solution.

Removal of waste from a site can be a timely and costly process, prefabrication enables site waste levels to be reduced and waste materials disposed of in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Research carried out by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) has found that off‑site construction generates up to 80% less waste than site-based building materials.

Innovative System Solutions: Rafts, modules and ISMs

ISMs (Integrated Service Modules) are rafts and modules that contain either active or passive Chilled Beams. They are generally manufactured and tested off-site before they are delivered and installed on site.

ISMs integrate a number of building services in addition to heating and cooling including; lighting, fire detection and control systems, data cabling, passive infra-red sensors, white noise emitters and acoustic insulation.

BSRIA (The Building Services Research and Information Association) highlighted that SAS ISMs typically take 75 per cent less time to install than traditional installation methods with fan coil units. This fast installation time was utilised at the Vodafone HQ, Newbury. The BSRIA report highlighted the high quality and aesthetic appearance of SAS ISMs, whilst providing real cost and time savings.

Suspended directly from the soffit, ISMs and System 600 acoustic lighting rafts, enable natural mass cooling to be achieved.