SAS900 Polynode

Polynodal Ceilings | Complex Polyhedral Forms | Surface Transitions


SAS900 Polynode is an adjustable nodal ceiling system used to create multi-faceted ceiling designs. This polynodal system meets the demand of increasingly varied and complex ceiling surfaces in modern building design.

Simple equilateral triangle tiles can create a near infinite variety of polyhedral ceiling forms. Our patent-pending nodal system can also be used to transition from ceiling to wall.

System features


SAS900 Polynode is the only re-adjustable nodal suspension system with spring clip-in tiles, protected by patent (pending).

  • Downward demountable, hinge-down and vertically suspended or removable tiles for void access
  • Triangular panels as standard
  • System can accommodate any simple polyhedral tile
  • Ceiling can be re-adjusted post installation to create highly complex geometric forms
  • Suitable for integration with luminaires and other M&E services
  • Minimum 25 year product life expectancy

Please note: The node and bracketry design of the Polynode system are currently patent pending under UK Patent Application Number 7578087.0.


SAS900 offers full access by way of hinge down tiles, suspended vertically from two nodes. Alternatively, tiles can be completely removed.


  • EMAC Grid suspension with threaded rod and node plate
  • +/- 125mm adjustment from adjacent node (standard system)
  • System allows for faceted horizontal to vertical transitions (ceiling to wall)

Highly complex geometrical surfaces can be installed using standard components, simply by adjusting the vertical position of the node. Corner anchor points suspend tiles which can be adjusted to create a free form ceiling. Our patent-pending nodal system can also be used to transition from ceiling to wall.


  • 10kg / m²
  • Standard modules are mounted on EMAC grid with 866mm centres
  • Standard nodes are mounted every 1000mm
  • Tiles are triangular as standard (980mm on all sides)
  • Min/Max tile dimensions are 280mm / 1280mm

Just one tile size significantly reduces the design and manufacturing costs associated with this type of geometric ceiling. Whilst the system is drawn as standard with triangular tiles, any number of simple polygonal shapes can be manufactured. Please contact our technical design team for more details.


  • RAL 9010 (White) polyester powder coat (PPC) as standard
  • Available in full range of standard RAL colours
  • Anti-Microbial PPC coatings

Other specialist finishes are available on request. For more information on non-standard finishes, please contact our technical services team.


SAS900 Polynode tiles can be supplied with any standard SAS perforation pattern. Bespoke patterns are also available on request.


16mm acoustic pad as standard (80kg density mineral-wool with black tissue face, foil back and sides). Other acoustic treatments are available, depending on project requirement. Please contact our technical department for more information.


Ceiling tiles can be formed with apertures during manufacturing for integration with lights and other services. SAS900 panels may require stiffeners to support centrally mounted lighting.

Lighting and other mechanical and electrical services can add significant loads to a ceiling. Loads applied to SAS900 ceiling tiles must not exceed 2kg. For loads greater than 2kg, we would recommend using independent suspension.

If you have a concern over loads, please contact our technical team for advice.

System drawings

SAS900 Polynode - Drawings PDF

SAS900 Polynode - Drawings PDF