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SAS120 was the first metal ceiling solution offered by SAS and still fulfils its niche admirably. The system is ideally suited to interiors requiring a secure solution to challenging cleaning regimes. Hospitals and food preparation areas are an ideal application.

System features


SAS120 is a suspended metal ceiling system with clip-in modular tiles and concealed grid.

  • Clip-in tiles allow upward cleaning pressure to be applied without disturbing the tiles
  • Concealed grid (SAS Spring Tee suspension method)
  • Closed butt joints with bevelled edges as standard*
  • Fully downward demountable tiles
  • Minimum 25 year product life expectancy


  • The secure void is completely accessible with the use of a simple tool.
  • Alternatively, in areas where security is paramount an optional security clip is available. This restricts access to the void to minimise security concerns.

Grid System

  • SAS Spring Tee

System Weight

  • 9Kg/m2 (approximate weight based on 600 x 600mm tile, 36mm deep)

Note: This includes the entire system and full associated components (suspension, tile, acoustic pad and associated fixings).

Standard Module Sizes (mm) with 4mm bevel tiles

  • 300 x 300 | 300 x 600 | 300 x 900 | 300 x 1200 | 300 x 1500
  • 500 x 500 | 500 x 1500
  • 600 x  600 | 600 x 1200

Standard Module Sizes (mm) with 2mm bevel tiles

  • 750 x 750

Bespoke tile sizes are available on request. Please contact our technical department for further information.

Square edge tiles are also available on request. However, SAS International will always recommend a bevel edge tile to improve overall system appearance. Minute differences between tiles with square edges are often exaggerated when lit, resulting in a less pleasing finish overall.

Standard Finish

  • Coating – Polyester powder coat
  • Colour – RAL 9010 (Pure White)

Special & Non-standard Finishes

  • Available in full range of RAL colours
  • Anti-Microbial Coating

Other specialist powder coat finishes are available on request. For more information on non-standard finishes, please contact our technical services team.

Standard Tile Shape

  • Square
  • Rectangle

Other tile shapes are available on request, although involve a significantly higher level of manufacturing complexity. Please contact our technical department for further information.


  • SAS120 tiles can be supplied with any standard SAS perforation pattern.
  • 1522 is a popular pattern that is available as a stock item from the factory.

Acoustic Treatment

  • Acoustic pad as standard

(16mm deep, 80Kg density mineral-wool pad with black tissue face, foil back and sides).

Other acoustic treatments are available, depending on project requirement. Please contact our technical department for more information.


Tiles can be formed with apertures during manufacturing for integration with lights and other services.

An SAS Pattress distributes the load of the services directly to the grid. In this way, services up to 6Kg can be supported. The tiles themselves can only support loads of no greater than 2.5Kg.

Loads greater than 6Kg we would recommend using independent suspension. If you have a concern over loads, please contact our technical team for advice.

Additional System Information

SAS120 is particularly suited to environments requiring strict cleaning regimes.

The Clip-in tiles are fixed, so upward pressure can be applied to remove stubborn stains without displacing the ceiling.

Tiles can be painted both sides in high humidity environments to ensure long term performance.

System drawings

SAS120 - Drawings CAD

SAS120 - Drawings CAD


SAS120 - Drawings PDF

SAS120 - Drawings PDF




SAS120 Acoustic Summary

SAS120 Acoustic Summary



SAS120 EPD (Steel)


SAS120 Projects

  • @Waterloo, 2-6 Boundary Row, London

  • Broadgate Tower, London

  • Porsche Centre, Solihull

  • Metal Ceiling SAS System 120 Commercial Office Southampton Ordnance

    Ordnance Survey Headquarters, Southampton