Riverside One, Dublin

Designed by Scott Tallon Walker Architects, the new 11,000m2 McCann FitzGerald HQ building (Riverside One) is located within one of Ireland’s most significant development zones, the Grand Canal Harbour Docklands in Dublin. Architectural Metalwork and Metal Ceilings manufactured by SAS International were installed throughout the owner occupied building.

Key features




McCann Fitzgerald


Scott Tallon Walker

Main contractor

John Sisk & Son Ltd


SAS Project Management

Completion year


System type

Spandrel Panels, SAS330, Linear Grilles

Area M2




With more than 450 employees, including over 200 lawyers, McCann FitzGerald is one of Ireland’s largest law firms. Their building features a stunning circular atrium which draws natural light down through the seven storeys. SAS International worked closely with the architects and main contractor, John Sisk and Son Ltd, to design and manufacture the curved linear grills and spandrel panels that surround the atrium. The components were modelled and manufactured from plans, reducing installation time with offsite prefabrication.

The metal ceilings were designed by the architects to mirror the form of the building. The square SAS330 “tartan grid” mega panels that were installed across all seven levels, reflect the external façade geometry, while the circular factory formed apertures for the luminaires and grills, mirror the design of the central atrium. The design also required high acoustic standards which were achieved using SAS acoustic pads.

David Cahill of Scott Tallon Walker commented: “SAS International meet the specified design requirements for the project and was able to offer a full professional design service.”

In addition, column casings were detailed and manufactured by SAS International for the columns situated around the internal perimeter of the building. By sourcing both the Architectural Metalwork and Metal Ceilings from SAS International, John Sisk and Son Ltd, were able to deal with one sub-contractor and manufacturer, making considerable cost savings.

McCann FitzGerald wanted the building fitted out to the highest quality standards. SAS International’s durable and sustainable metal solutions have a life span in excess of 25 years and are 100% recyclable.

The SAS International office in Dublin is able to offer a professional design service for its full range of Metal Ceilings, chilled ceilings and beams and Architectural Metalwork. SAS Architectural Metalwork can be manufactured for internal and external environments and includes acoustic baffles and rafts, bulkheads, column casings, daylight reflectors, solar shading and wall cladding.

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