Vodafone Oporto, Portugal

The new Vodafone Headquarters building in Oporto, Portugal features 2,000 square metres of SAS International radiant chilled ceilings incorporated in SAS200 metal ceiling solutions. The use of radiant chilled ceilings delivers comfort cooling in the most energy efficient way in order to minimise the building’s CO2 emissions.

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Barbosa & Guimaräes

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Nonio Hiros


SAS International

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Radiant Chilled Ceilings, SAS200

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The striking building was designed by architects Barbosa & Guimarães with Vodafone’s slogan “Vodafone Life, Life in Motion” used as a theme which results in a dynamic building formed of irregular structural features. The concept is based on the concrete creating free-form shapes, working both as a structural solution and exterior appearance, creating a unique shape and a monolithic building. The technical complexity of the building leads to a periphery structural solution, a shell of concrete reducing internal support to the two stairwells and three central pillars allowing great versatility in its interior use of space. 

SAS International radiant chilled ceiling solutions were specified to help minimise the ceiling void whilst still delivering excellent levels of occupant comfort. By using radiant chilled ceilings the engineers and architects were able to deliver the cooling performance required to combat the heat loads in the occupied space yet still meeting acoustic demands required in a commercial environment. 

José Marques at architects Barbosa & Guimarães comments; “Radiant chilled ceilings meet demands for aesthetics without compromising on functionality. This type of ceiling and cooling solution is a perfect choice to meet the performance demands of such an iconic building. Radiant chilled ceilings allowed us to deliver the cooling required to combat the heat loads in the occupied space while meeting acoustic demands and providing excellent levels of occupant comfort.”

Pedro Albuquerque, Mechanical Engineer responsible for the HVAC Project for Vodafone Oporto comments; “In a building which surroundings grant a well controlled heat gain and loss, the installation of chilled ceilings arose as a choice, providing a solution of “invisible” cooling/heating air treatment highly flexible in the planning of the inner space. It provides a high standard of comfort in thermal and acoustic terms, together with a low energetic demand compared with more conventional solutions.” 

These chilled ceiling solutions radiate cooling downwards and provide quiet, draft free comfort cooling to occupants. This is increasing their popularity as the link between occupant comfort and productivity is becoming increasingly recognised. And, because they are unobtrusive installations, they free up much more valuable office space for occupation and use. This is often overlooked but is of increasing importance as space provision, particularly in offices, demands that the use of the floorplate is maximised. In addition the ceiling panels allow for ease of maintenance for minimum disruption. 

SAS International radiant chilled ceiling solutions have emerged as an alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, incorporating a single piece copper element into the rear of a standard ceiling tile. Radiant chilled ceilings are as durable as, and visually indistinguishable from standard metal suspended ceilings. Using water as the heat transfer medium, absorbs and removes heat from an occupied space as it flows through the system.

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