Radiant Chilled Ceilings

Chilled Systems


Our Radiant Chilled Ceilings are an alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, incorporating a single piece copper element into the back of a standard ceiling tile.

Chilled Ceilings are durable and visually indistinguishable from standard metal suspended ceilings. Using water as the heat transfer medium, heat is absorbed and removed from the occupied space as water flows through the system.

Chilled Ceilings can be used in conjunction with Chilled Beams to meet additional cooling requirements, for example solar gain around glazed elevations.

System features


  • Energy efficient – low operating temperatures
  • Silent operation
  • No moving parts - low maintenance requirements
  • Accommodates future layout requirements including demountable partitioning
  • Single piece continuous copper element contained within each Chilled Ceiling tile
  • Provide between 45 and 65 W/m² (net) of cooling capacity
  • Can be installed with voids less than 100mm

Standard Finish

  • Coating – Polyester powder coat
  • Colour – RAL 9010 (Pure White)

Special & Non-standard Finishes

  • Available in full range of standard RAL colours
  • Anti-bacterial Coating (SAS AB)

Other specialist powder coat finishes are available on request. For more information on non-standard finishes, please contact our technical services team.

Grid System

Profile suspension, C-Profile and Omega C-Profile, see components.


  • Radiant Chilled ceilings can be supplied with any standard SAS perforation pattern.
  • 1522 is a popular pattern that is available as a stock item from the factory.


Approximately 20 kg/m² for ceiling tiles, grid, waterfilled copper elements, traditional lights or LEDs, acoustic/insulation pad and suspension system – based on a System 330 ceiling system.



SAS330 Chilled EPD (Steel)


Radiant Chilled Ceilings Projects

  • Mederic, Paris