Milton Keynes Central Railway Station

A bespoke waveform ceiling and vitreous enamel Wall Cladding was designed and installed in the newly refurbished Milton Keynes Station.

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Network Rail

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Buckingham Group Construction


SAS Project Management

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System type

Protective Panels

Area M2



United Kingdom

The development of Milton Keynes Central Railway Station comes two years after Network Rail relocated their headquarters within the town. The refurbishment of the station included renovation of the ticket hall and dispersal bridge. A projected 30% traffic increase over the next 10 years necessitated extra ticket gates as part of the proposed plans. These gates were positioned closer to the concourse to passively control fare dodging, an issue with the original layout. Another key consideration was to provide better lighting throughout the station, providing for a more inviting interior.

SAS International had previously worked on a similar project at Worcester station. Impressed by the installation and design, Network Rail approached SAS International directly to help them with their needs in Milton Keynes.

To maintain an open feel for the bridge, the waves were set at 90 degrees, with the lighting arranged to run in the peaks of the waves. The surrounding walls were clad with SAS metal wall cladding, providing an attractive, durable and easy to maintain solution for a high traffic zone.

The waveform ceiling and wall panelling had to be specifically designed to align with the existing lift and stair interfaces. The bridge also has circular porthole windows which had to be incorporated into the design.

In the main ticket hall, white metal clad columns rise up to the ceiling. The columns, while providing support for the structure, also break up the open spaces and provide a walkway from the main entrance towards the Dispersal Bridge. Columns within high traffic zones tend to get a lot of wear and tear. SAS International supplied the column cladding to provide high impact resistance while maintaining an attractive, easily maintained appearance over time.

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